Thursday, April 21, 2011

coming to terms

He felt like going to bed, but it didn't mean Griffin would do it.

Quietly up the stairs they went. He could be quiet. He was good at being quiet, actually. Yet this was all so foreign. Sadie's home was neat and the carpets couldn't have blemishes. He'd have to be extra careful. God, he was nervous now. Feeling like taking a shit might be the only thing to save him, but..he couldn't do that here. Still she scooted him toward the bathroom. She told him to bathe and she'd wash his clothes.

"But-" He didn't think any of this was a good idea. Besides, he was used to the outside world. He kept shaking his head. Only he stood there with a folded towel staring at the bath.

"Just do it. Hurry." She was getting demanding now. She drew the bath. The water was hot. Steamy, too. "Well?" She looked back at him as if he should be undressed. He hesitated, to disrobe. Seriously, it was frightening. He didn't want her looking at him. Perhaps it was true, he didn't really like his thin lanky body, all that much. He was more like a grass hopper or a praying mantis. Not quite a snake. At least, not yet. He scowled a bit. Did he really even know her?

He undid himself and wrapped the clothes immediately in a ball and held it close to his naked self. Sadie let a smile slip and grabbed his clothes from him. She didn't wait. But went straight out with the clothes. So there he was left with the running water, he got in the tub in spite of the hot water stinging his feet. It didn't take long for him to rest easy in the tub. It was like a warm blanket of joy surrounding his tired limbs. Griffin closed his eyes gently as he tried not to think of a thing. Except he yawned, immediately.

As he let his eyes rest he thought he heard the train. Griffin didn't think he could hear the train from here. But a soft memory slipped in how he thought of the day he came in on the train. Of course, he'd hopped on like a hobo. He guessed he wasn't thinking, that day. Didn't have a reason to think on why he should stay where he was. He hated school. He didn't have any friends, only bullies to play with. Just when he'd hoped they'd tire of him, they didn't. Why had he thought it would be any better in the city?

Griffin soaped up then. The bath wouldn't be hot forever. He dunked under, wondering what he'd got himself into. Was this just the beginning of the end? He'd get caught. The police would find he was a runaway with no home to go home too. But he was too tired to think as he laid there under water in the big tub.

Just then he looked up to see Sadie standing over him. Griffin almost lost it. The water stirred. But he caught himself from splashing about like a sick squid. He politely cleared his throat.

"Having fun?" She laughed.

"This is not fun. I'm not having fun." He instantly scowled.

"Oh, but you are." She took the wash cloth and washed his back. He thought he might cave in. No one had ever washed his back before.


ellie said...

I loved that first line. I do feel sad for him.

E.L. said...

Well..Sadie seems to be sweet on someone.

Lux and Stan said...

She's really sweet. I think he needs her.

lucy and sarah said...

I feel so bad for Griffin.

better days said...

I'm thinking they might be good together.

molly said...

Wow, yes, getting back washed can be delightful!

meg said...

He is so shy. Sadie's not.

ivy's closet said...

It might be even magical.

Minna said...

Read trough your story and really enjoyed it. You're talented writer!

P.S. Thanks for your nice comment! You got a new follower here, I wanna read more your great stories!

Hope you can visit my site another time too and maybe join my followers as well if you like my blog! ♥


hollyoaks fan fic said...

I hope she's not too much of a tease!!

Storm said...

you are so talented.. wish i could write like that... oh well - really adorable blog you have here, and thanks for the comment! i'm gonna follow you now - hope you'll follow me back!

The Cat Hag said...

Well being showered by someone else is always a treat. ♥

Thanks for dropping by my little blog. :)

The Cat Hag

Cait said...

Can't wait for more! Sweet...