Saturday, April 30, 2011

under the covers

Was he smiling? Griffin needed a mirror, to see for himself. No, maybe he didn't want to see. He kept looking at Sadie, wondering how could it be? How could it?

Griffin got under the covers quickly. He was clothed. Nothing coming off. It would be fine. She probably wanted a girlfriend, anyway. He understood that. Guess, she had no one to listen to her. Lucky him.

His lips curled up as he watched her get in next.

"Where do you sleep?" She wanted to know as she turned toward him.

"Lots of places." He didn't feel the need to be specific. "Any place I can find."

He knew an old building where there were squatters. Sometimes, there was a place. Usually, he tried to stay away. There were parks, underpasses. It depended on the weather, a lot. They weren't all crazy street people. There was Jim, who had a way of finding him if he needed him. Sometimes, he slept at Jim's. But it was on the lumpy couch. He didn't really care for Jim's place. He just never knew.

Before he could say another word about the question she asked, her mouth went for his. It was sweet. Kind of clumsy. He pulled back and looked at her face. Her eye-lids were closed. He hadn't expected that. He brushed her hair away, and put a lock behind her ear.

"Really, I'm not..expecting anything." He never really had. It wasn't like he knew what he was doing. Exactly. "I just..." Before he could say sleep..there she went again. This time the kiss was deeper, and he couldn't help but press back, just a little. Perhaps to learn from it, savor it. His fingers touched her face then, but she took them some place else. Pushing onward. Downward. His pulse quickened, as the kiss grew longer.

And then she knew what she could do to him. He felt so fragile in her grasp. Like an energy he was eager to know where it could go and how long it could last. Each kiss, he breathed her in more.

"Just touch," Sadie whispered in his ear, giving him a shiver. He did his best to nod. Really, this was far better than he'd ever imagined.


ellie said...

well..somebody's getting lucky...=)

lucy and sarah said...

Griffin, might never want to leave now!

ivy's closet said...

Oh, this might turn into something.

Lux and Stan said...

Where will it go from here???

Storm said...

i want moooore! love. i heart your comment, and a new post is up!

meg said...

Things are getting hot in here!!

Holly said...

So they are together???

Storm said...

such a lovely post, i had a amazing trip - thank you darling, new post is up!

ivy said...

update soon! Please!!

Sarah said...

your writing is so good!

i nominated you for a blog award
check on my blog :)