Monday, April 18, 2011

only for a bit

"How about soup?" Sadie had some left over from dinner. It was onion, but still warm. Of course, Griffin stood there as silent as possible. After all, he didn't want anyone to know he was here, but she'd let him through the back window. He'd came because he was hungry.

"I can't read your mind, you know." Sadie almost rolled her eyes. She spoke her mind. They were friends, she guessed. They'd met at a party and she'd left with him on a dare. Possibly, her friends thought she was nuts, but that was three weeks ago. He was the one no one wanted to sit with or dare speak too. Possibly, he was a party crasher since no one knew him. Or did they?

She soon found out that he was the friend of a friend of a drug dealer. He'd only dropped off what someone had asked for. As it was, he generally moved around a lot. No one knew Griffin for very long. But Sadie was trying to change that.

Griffin shook his head, no. He quickly made himself a peanut-butter and jam sandwich and began to choke it down. She poured him a glass of milk. Still he looked at her blankly as if she'd been too kind to him. Finally after a very long drink, he took the back of his hand to wipe the milk mustache.

"Look, maybe you could stay." Sadie said softly. No one knew he was here. Her Dad was gone and her grandmother's hearing was so far gone, even if she awoke, she wouldn't hear him.

Griffin shook his head, no. She thought she heard a quiet laugh inside him. Sadie hadn't expected that.

"I just want you, to be safe." Sadie winced then. She didn't mean to care so much, but as of late, she cared more for him than she did of her closest friends. Griffin knew things. Places to go in the park. He liked chess. She hated to think of him living on the streets.

"I have to go." He made another sandwich for the road. She got out the cookie jar. He just looked at her as if it were too much temptation. He shook his head, no. Sadie put the cookie jar back in its place as he was ready to go with his nap sack. Sadie grabbed his hand quick enough.

"Whats the hurry, huh?" She would tell him he looked tired, that he needed to rest. His clothes washed. A good hot shower.

"I don't want to be any trouble." He bit his bottom lip.

"I won't let you be trouble." She promised. Sadie heard thunder then. "You have to stay. Just for the night. Its starting to rain."

Griffin hesitated. He let out a breath then. Maybe that was a yes.


ellie said...

I'm glad she's there for him.

lucy and sarah said...

Sadie sounds sweet.

ivy said...

I kind of feel for Griffin too.

Holly said...

Thanks for the note, and following too. I like the start of this!

molly said...

Aw, I think I'd take him in too.

Bex said...

Totally, having me want more to read.

meg said...

Griffin is so interesting.

Sarah said...

great writing dude
keep posting

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Thank you for the comment :)

This is lovely, your writing is great/