Monday, April 25, 2011

giving in

What would Julie, Greta and Natalie think?

Sadie hung on to her smile. Oh, she knew she was suppose to be holding out for Ethan Morrison. But why should she? Snooty prick. Yes, he was. No one would admit that about him. But she knew a thing or two how he was with the girls. If Ethan picked you, you were haute. Totally. Usually, three weeks tops.

Actually, it was too much stress to think about. Lots of pressure. She really didn't like his breath, for starters. She thought he smelled. His skin was rough too. That tone. It was not to her ease.

"But you want to go out with him?" Julie practically jabbed her in the ribs that night. It was as if everything was a planned out puzzle. Her turn with Ethan.

Sadie faked it for as long as she could. The enthusiasm was not there. Yes, Ethan was rich, had a very fast sports car and he was the essential for getting into the right clique in high school. Or was he? What if Ethan was picked up out of the air and tossed into a far off land with nothing but the clothes on his back? Would he fend for himself? Would he know how? Maybe he wasn't that amazing, after all.

Sadie didn't intend to find out. She supposed they'd all think she'd gone crazy, but she didn't really care. There Griffin was, sort of a lost puppy holding the goods, so to speak. He was just the messenger, trying his best to not look conspicuous as he stood back in the shadows.

Sadie couldn't help but watch and as he was leaving, was just an opportunity. She hooked her arm around his as if they were old friends. He looked at her as if he didn't get the joke. Sadie had only looked back and smiled at her friends as if she'd gotten what she came for...and left.

Now all she heard.."Are you blowing Morrison off?"

"I would never blow him." Sadie smirked. Ethan was yesterday's news to her. She was being aloof and doing her best to be Shannyn Sassamon from her all time favorite movie RULES OF ATTRACTION. Seriously, she thought she was making her own path here, and Griffin was just her experiment. Although, she was becoming quite fond of him.

Finally after Griffin was washed up, she had some clothes waiting for him.

"These aren't my clothes." He looked at her blankly.

"Duh?" Sadie winced. "They're in the wash, you know."

"But these are your clothes." He fretted slightly. "What are you trying to do? Make me a girl?" A scowl was in place then. He was very good with that scowl.

Sadie sighed, thinking this must have been what she wanted. She tilted her head glaring at him as if he wanted some thing to wear, this was it. At least the track pants were gray. The Hello Kitty T was the palest of pink. Really, he fit in her clothes fine. So they padded down the hall to her room.

"I have to stay, until the clothes are dry?" He winced.

"No, I want you to run outside nude in the rain." She remained even lipped while he went to look out the window.

He sighed heavily then.

"Is there some place you have to be?" She asked, hugging herself.

He finally turned back and shook his head, no.

"Why don't you get comfortable then?" She showed him the bed. Griffin didn't budge by the window. She scooped his hands up with her own. "Griff, it fine. Really, I know you're tired. Stay awhile."

He bit the corner of his lip and eyed the bed.

"Just a sleep over, all right." She smiled hoping to edge one out of him.

"Its coming a down pour." The rain was not letting up.

Sadie pursed her lips, slightly.

"Fine." He said ever so dreadful, as if he'd miss the outside and all its trouble. She pulled him toward her bed, pushed him to sit. She sat next to him holding his hand.

"Don't know why anyone would ever be afraid of you? I'm afraid for you to be out there." She couldn't help but say. It was nice to hold his fresh clean hand. She kissed his fist, thinking no one would ever know this... that she knew. He was amazingly sweet, and she wanted to keep him. She really did. How could there be anything wrong with that?


ellie said...

Oh, Sadie. What does she really want?

ivy said...

I like Sadie.

meg said...

Does she know what she's doing??

Storm said...

this is once again, beautifully written.